What kind of Pilates class is right for me?

All Pilates classes are beneficial, though depending on your individual medical history and physical requirements one format may be more suitable to you than another. You can discuss the best options for you with our instructor.

What should I wear to a Pilates class?

Wear comfortable clothing that you can easily move in. Pilates is usually practiced in socks or bare feet.

Can Pilates help with my back pain?

Pilates can help with back pain, provided it is taught properly and practiced with care. There is more to healing from back pain than strengthening the abdominals (as is commonly perceived). Both teacher and client should work together to help correct faulty movement patterns and strengthen the whole body to enable a life with less pain.

Do men do Pilates?

Yes, definitely! When Joseph Pilates created his method 60% of his clientele were men. It can aid in developing athletic ability, meeting specific training goals, developing stamina and rehabilitating injuries. More and more top-level athletes are incorporating Pilates into their training routines and are seeing results. Everyone benefits from Pilates! And no, it's not a 'girlie thing'.

Can athletes benefit from Pilates?

More and more top-level athletes are adding Pilates to their regular workout practice and are seeing and feeling the results!

Pilates increases peak fitness by fine-tuning where movement comes from, balancing musculature and developing neural pathways to 'non-dominant' (and underused) parts of the body. This creates the opportunity to move with more ease, fluidity and power - increasing the athletic ability through regular practice.

What is video conferencing?

It is an online platform that brings lots of people together in one place. Years ago, you would have to leave your home to meet with friends, go to classes etc; video conferring means you can stay at home, in the office or even sit in your garden and join in.

How does video conferring work?

When you enroll with LockSW6 you will receive invites to classes via an email, you will see an RSVP button which you click on and accept. Once accepted it will add those classes to your online diary (this is on most people’s smart phones and laptops. On the day of the class you will get a reminder beforehand with the logon details.

How do I log onto a class?

Really easy, in fact it is just a couple of clicks away. You go into your class invitation and click on the Zoom button and when prompted enter the code. You will be then connected.

What will I see?

Once you are connected you will see your instructor and everyone else in the class, these are in small windows on your phone or laptop. Because the class id fully interactive you can talk with the instructor and everyone else on the class.

I´m not very good with technology

Don´t worry, we can walk you through it and help you get set up. No one gets left behind and we are happy to help you get connected.