One to One Classes

In One to One Pilates classes your strengths and weaknesses are constantly addressed. You can ask questions directly; the class moves at your pace and misalignment is corrected immediately. The benefit of a One to One Pilates class is an excellent way of mastering the first steps and understanding the fundamentals of breath, alignment, stabilisation and mobilisation, which is essential and beneficial to you as an individual.

Coordination of the Pilates Principles - precision, centering, concentration, control, breath and flow - involve whole body movement and a mind-body connection. Having immediate feedback from your teacher with 100% hands on attention will accelerate and deepen your understanding of the method. This in turn will advance the results you experience.

One to One Pilates classes are tailored to your goals and needs. Whether you want to tone your body, improve performance in a sport, such as running or skiing, recover from injury or improve general fitness and wellbeing; one to one Pilates classes will address your objectives and evolve and adapt around you.